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We will beat any price you find for test
and measurement equipment by 5%!

for all orders $10,000 and above!

The FAQs

How it works:

You give us the lowest price that you have found for your needed test equipment. We will quote you that price less 5%.

How can we do this?

Our buying network will usually allow us to find the equipment at a lower price than you can find. However, even if we donít, we will still sell to you at the quoted price even if we must take a loss on the transaction.

Why are we doing this?

We want your business. We know that we will be building a long-term relationship with you that will be profitable for both of us. Also, we expect that you will become a source of equipment for us as you surplus unneeded equipment. If we lose money on a transaction, we view it as a marketing expense.

What are the restrictions?

You must have a valid written quotation from a company that publishes a catalog or has a web site that has existed for at least three months. The quotation must be less than ten days old for the same brand and model of equipment with the same options. You must send a copy of the quotation to us when you place your order.

You must allow 30 days, after receipt of order, for shipment of the equipment ordered, (unless otherwise stated on the quotation). You must meet all payment terms promptly, or you will lose your discount.

How long will this offer be in effect?

We reserve the right to cancel this offer without prior notice. However, our intention is to continue the program through the end of 2001. Contact our web site for notices concerning this offer.

How do I get my quotation with the lowest price?

Just click here and complete the brief form.



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