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Poison Arrows

Feng Shui warns against Shar Chi or the killing breath. This brings misfortune and a great deal of bad luck, and are caused by the presence of secret Poison Arrows.

Poison Arrows are created by pointed, angled and sharp objects that seem to be aimed directly at a house, and especially at its main front door. And the foul energy that emanate from them travel in straight lines, carrying with them ill fortune and other odious effects. Feng Shui experts strenuously warn against sleeping, sitting, working, eating and living in places that are hit or attacked by these invisible pernicious forces.

When one's main door or sitting and sleeping positions lie in the path of such energy forces, the consequences are believed to be extremely negative, and sometimes even disastrous, causing grave misfortune to the residents or individuals affected. The sharper and more threatening the Poison Arrow, the more dire are the repercussions of being "hit" by these Poison Arrows.

Misfortune caused by such arrows take the form of illness, missed opportunities, law suits, quarrels, financial losses, and other forms of bad luck. Feng Shui offer a variety of solutions to combat or avoid Poison Arrows, and knowledge of Feng Shui enables practitioners to both diagnose and take proper precautions against Poison Arrows.

Examples of Poison Arrows are straight roads, rivers or railways lines that seem to be aimed directly at one's main front door. Or they could be caused by the triangular shaped roof lines caused by neighbors' homes. Or by the sharp edge of big buildings. These are very strong Poison Arrows that can cause severe bad luck that manifest in the form of ill health, sickness, and even death.

Examples of other Arrows that can affect households are when a single tree trunk, a telephone pole, or a transmission tower  is located directly in front of the main door. The pernicious effect of all these Poison Arrows must be deflected, dissolved or diffused. Feng Shui recommends several ways of doing this, and they have to do with blocking or redirecting the Shar Chi away from the house. Thus main door directions can be shifted, trees can be planted, or walls can be built to combat Poison Arrows.

Here are records of unsuitable site conditions for commercial buildings:
bullet when the ground is made up of sandy and wet ground
bullet when grass or plants cannot grow
bullet when the ground at the back is lower than that in front
bullet when the south side of the site is high and the north side is low
bullet when the surrounding ground is high and the actual site is sunken
bullet when the ground is filled with sand
bullet when the ground is a deserted piece of land especially after a fire outbreak
bullet when the site is at the end of a cul-de-sac or T-junction



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