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The Residential Designer and Her Views

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The following is an excerpt from a feature article about Cynthia Leif, which appeared in an issue of Archikonst Magazine. Reprints available upon request.

On Other Designers

I admire the styles of Robert Stern, Michael Graves, Richard Meier, and my former boss Bobby Mañosa. Mainly because there is a uniqueness in their styles.

I like inventive architects whose elemental lines, curves, or shapes become their signatures.

Robert Stern creates rich and evocative designs that recall the forms of the past, while responding to contemporary needs. His designs have a sympathetic relationship to the site, richness of plan, distinctive use of natural light, and elegant interior details.

Michael Graves has great aesthetic shapes - with references to historical forms. His warm colors reflect classical influences and make his creations very distinctive.

Richard Meier's elegant modernist style with white facade and glass have become icons of modern architecture. His lines and curves are interesting.

I admire Mañosa's uniqueness. What Robert Stern is to America, Bobby Mañosa is to the Philippines. They both work within a historical tradition of domestic architecture, yet they integrate the present demands of modern life. And, they use today's innovative materials to their advantage.

In other words, I admire architects who are not afraid to be different, are willing to take risks, develop new forms, and develop new ways to use materials. As architects, we have a responsibility to our society and to our art.

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