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The Residential Designer and Her Views

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Design Philosophy

In a variation on the philosophy of "Form follows Function", we create a unity between aesthetics and practicality.  In my designs, I always want to produce a 'combination of rigorous design intelligence and graceful, lyrical beauty'. Our 'Mediterranean Series', for example, use exterior styles that capture a traditional concept of beauty. Yet the interiors evoke modernism in an interplay of light and space.

In all of my custom-designed homes, I make it a point that the building relates to the land. I want the interior to  relate to the exterior, and for both to flow into each other. In most of my residential designs, I want to create the feeling of 'openness' which could be made possible through walls of glass doors, skylights, atriums, pocket gardens, balconies, and lanais that serve as extension of the interior space.

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