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Churches (International Project)

Designer's notes on St. Joseph Church Project:

The project manager, Engineer Leo Nicolas, is from Bulacan - he is also a client of mine. He chose me as designer, along with another architect from Bulacan, Architect Joseph Herrera. The church interior is where I concentrated my efforts. We were all proud of how the church turned out - so was Msgr. Rico Santos who was the guiding force behind the project.

The new church had to be built on the same site as the existing church. So, we built around the old structure, and then dismantled the old church when the new church was completed. This novel idea worked well because church services were not interrupted throughout construction.

I remember walking on the roof of the old church while supervising the painting, and testing colors and textures for the new church ceiling. The roof of the old church was what we used as scaffolding.

St. Joseph Church-Bulacan Project

The choir loft ceiling is finished in two-tone, textured paint and fine wooden latticework. Cross patterns emphasize the vaulted ceiling. Monochromatic hues of beige aid the simulated stained glass window in radiating brilliance - making it truly the rear centerpiece. Columns are finished in beige marble ashlar stone and gold paint illumines the capital. Spanish, colonial-style varnished wooden balusters evoke an earlier century.

The majestic church interior shows why many have come to think of the St. Joseph as a cathedral. This effect is achieved by enhancing the vaulted ceiling arches with dark varnish -- providing a counterpoint to lighter ceiling panel details. Applique ceiling medallions in modern millwork serve as a natural attachment point for chandeliers and other lighting fixtures. The altar wall was finished in rough, two-tone marble ashlar to add color and texture to the interior, as well as scatter acoustic reflections. Simulated stained glass above the side entrances depict the story of creation; and the fixed side panels, the 14 stations of the cross.

The facade of St. Joseph was designed by Architect Joseph Herrera. It's main feature is a giant relief-cum-sculpture of the Holy Family. Adobe stones were purposely left untreated so they would age rapidly. The new church was erected around the old church, which was still used during the 4-year construction period. The old structure was dismantled inside the new church after completion.



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