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Feng Shui

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Five Elements of Feng Shui

feng shui in home plans Feng Shui is heavily influenced by the theory of the Elements. In the Chinese scheme of the Universe, there are Five of these Elements, i.e. Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth and Water. All Chinese astrological sciences including the times, years, and dates of birth are categorized as one of these elements. The five Elements are also associated with colors, seasons, directions, and planets. Thus for example :

FIRE is red, an auspicious color. Fire is also Summer and is South. WATER is represented by the color black. It is also the North and Winter. WOOD is the East. It is represented by the color Green. METAL is white or sometimes gold. Metal symbolizes the West. EARTH is Yellow. Earth is also the Center.

For Feng Shui purposes, it is necessary to know that these Five Elements have a mutually productive cycle and a mutually destructive cycle.

In the PRODUCTIVE CYCLE: Fire produces Earth, which produces Metal which produces Water which produces Wood which produces Fire.

In the DESTRUCTIVE CYCLE: Wood destroys Earth which destroys Water which destroys Fire which destroys Metal which destroys Wood.

In considering the Feng Shui of locations and home interiors, understanding these two cycles of the Elements enables the practitioner to incorporate his/her astrological element to be in harmony and productive with the surrounding. Thus if one was born in a FIRE year, too much water in the home would not be beneficial (i.e. black colored things, ponds, artificial waterfalls, etc.) as Water destroys Fire. On the other hand, lots of plants or green things (Wood) and indeed a wooden house would be very auspicious because Wood produces Fire. Additionally, it would be beneficial if one slept in the room located on the south side of the house or apartment.

Another example. If one were born in the EARTH year, then having too many plants (Wood) would not be very auspicious. On the other hand, having red things, lights etc. (Fire) would be very conducive since Fire produces Earth. Earth people should sleep near or at the center portion of the house.

From these examples one can begin to see the various combinations that would work or not work from a Feng Shui point of view. Usually when the various members of the family are born under different elements, then the Elements of the Head of the Household should be considered for the main rooms and the entrance. All other individual rooms can be designed to benefit the main occupant of each individual room.

Use the table on this page to check your Element according to your hour of birth. The relevant directions indicated for your Element can be used to orientate your Front Door or to determine the best orientation for your office desk, or your sleeping position. On the next page is a Table which categorizes the Elements according to the year of birth (1900 - 1995). Use this to check the Element that rules your life.

against your TIME of BIRTH
11pm - 1am : WOOD To face North
1am - 3am : WOOD To face N.NE.
3am - 5am : FIRE To face E.EN.
5am - 7am : FIRE To face East
7am - 9am : EARTH To face E.SE.
9am - 11am : EARTH To face S.SE.
11am - 1pm : METAL To face SOUTH
1pm - 3pm : METAL To face S.SE.
3pm - 5pm : WATER To face W.SW.
5pm - 7pm : WATER To face WEST
7pm - 9pm : WATER To face W.NW.
9pm - 11pm : WATER To face N.NW

Check Your ELEMENT against your YEAR of BIRTH
Years of the RAT: 1900 Metal; 1912 Water; 1924 Wood; 1936 Fire; 1948 Earth; 1960 Metal; 1972 Water; 1984 Wood; 1996 Fire
Years of the OX: 1901 Metal; 1913 Water; 1925 Wood; 1937 Fire; 1949 Earth; 1961 Metal; 1973 Water; 1985 Wood; 1997 Fire
Years of the TIGER: 1902 Water; 1914 Wood; 1926 Fire; 1938 Earth; 1950 Metal; 1962 Water; 1974 Wood; 1986 Fire; 1998 Earth
Years of the RABBIT: 1903 Water; 1915 Wood; 1927 Fire; 1939 Earth; 1951 Metal; 1963 Water; 1975 Wood; 1987 Fire; 1999 Earth
Years of the DRAGON: 1904 Wood; 1916 Fire; 1928 Earth; 1940 Metal; 1952 Water; 1964 Wood; 1976 Fire; 1988 Earth; 2000 Metal
Years of the SNAKE: 1905 Wood; 1917 Fire; 1929 Earth; 1941 Metal; 1953 Water; 1965 Wood; 1977 Fire; 1989 Earth; 2001 Metal
Years of the HORSE: 1906 Fire; 1918 Earth; 1930 Metal; 1942 Water; 1954 Wood; 1966 Fire; 1978 Earth; 1990 Metal; 2002 Water
Years of the SHEEP: 1907 Fire; 1919 Earth; 1931 Metal; 1943 Water; 1955 Wood; 1967 Fire; 1979 Earth; 1991 Metal; 2003 Water
Years of the MONKEY: 1907 Earth; 1920 Metal; 1932 Water; 1944 Wood; 1956 Fire; 1968 Earth; 1980 Metal; 1992 Water; 2004 Wood
Years of the ROOSTER: 1908 Earth; 1921 Metal; 1933 Water; 1945 Wood; 1957 Fire; 1969 Earth; 1981 Metal; 1993 Water; 2005 Wood
Years of the DOG: 1909 Metal; 1922 Water; 1934 Wood; 1946 Fire; 1958 Earth; 1970 Metal; 1982 Water; 1994 Wood; 2006 Fire
Years of the BOAR: 1910 Metal; 1923 Water; 1935 Wood; 1947 Fire; 1959 Earth; 1971 Metal; 1983 Water; 1995 Wood; 2007 Fire




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